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Food Is Medicine

The food we eat affects every cell of our bodies, it determines which hormones are released, and which neurotransmitters are released, it regulates our immune system, can be inflammatory or anti-inflammatory and determines whether genes are expressed or suppressed.

It never fails to amaze me that people will put a pill in their mouth expecting it to affect their health, yet not have the same thought process about the food they consume.

Around 90% of health conditions are lifestyle-related diseases; they are caused by our lifestyle choices, not by our genetics. Our genes are affected by the environment and only express if given the conditions in which to do so.
The science of epigenetics proves that even though you may have a genetic predisposition for a particular condition, the gene will only switch on if the internal environment is favourable, meaning that genetic conditions of disease manifest in a body that promotes disease.

Food is better medicine than drugs

It’s not easy to make healthy choices in a society that doesn’t support our choices to be healthy; highly processed food is cheap and convenient for most people and our food is being not only sprayed with chemicals but also genetically modified.
We don’t learn about the power of food in school and even medical doctors only do about 4 hours of nutrition training!
We are led to believe that we have no power to determine our health and that we must rely on medications.

You DO have the power to determine whether you are healthy or not.

Lifestyle diseases, determined by lifestyle choices, include many of the most prevalent conditions we suffer from in modern society. Just because these conditions are common doesn’t mean that they are normal.
We unfortunately accept and expect a decline in health as we age, but if we know that our cells are constantly renewing then logic should tell us that our new cells are not old and shouldn’t be deteriorating. If we create new cells from healthy input they won’t regenerate with the same old structure. The reason we decline with age is because of the continual internal abuse we subject ourselves to from the choices that we make.

Normal is to be healthy, vital and disease-free, well into our advanced years.

We eat foods that make us sick and take medications to give us the illusion of being well.
The medications have some nasty side effects, for which we tend to take more medications, and all the while we literally feed the disease with our suboptimal food choices.

You see the cycle here, right?  The only winners are the processed food manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. We are the losers!

Food is medicine

Instead of seeking medications to fix us, we need to be taking responsibility for our own health and realise that we have the power to prevent disease and give ourselves the opportunity to heal by making better lifestyle choices.
If we make optimal choices regarding the nutrients that we feed our cells we will have a strong enough foundation of health so that we can withstand the odd slip now and again. We will have stronger immunity, improved recovery and be able to enjoy our lives in the manner in which our bodies are designed to.

When thinking about making better food choices, consider the following:

  • Real food doesn’t have an ingredient label.
  • Real food isn’t advertised on TV.
  • If your food has been sprayed with chemicals, you are eating those chemicals.
  • If your animal-based foods have been injected with antibiotics or hormones, you are ingesting those too.

Mother Nature gave us all the food we ever needed in the form of animals and plants; a diet of meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds,  can give us all the nutrients we need to fuel our cells for healthy regeneration and prevent the most common lifestyle diseases that we suffer from. 

You can make your body a place where healthy genes are expressed and unhealthy ones are suppressed.

Stop putting your health care in the hands of the pharmaceutical companies, they don’t want you to be healthy, there’s no profit for them if you’re healthy, they want to keep you on medication. 

The only health they are interested in is the health of their bank balance!


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