Success Stories

Here are some samples of testimonials from my healthier, happier clients. 

Whilst everyone's challenges, specific goals, commitment and motivation is different, I hope that these testimonials help to inspire you with what is possible with the right coach helping you along the way. 

"Without exaggeration Katie has saved me from a degenerative slide into high blood pressure, low self esteem and an expanding waistline! Running has always been a passion, but years of training incorrectly left my posture and legs in a poor state resulting in extreme muscular pain if I tried to run even short distances. De-motivated and unable to train properly, my health deteriorated to a worrying level which Katie brought to my attention during a health check. From my symptoms she could tell immediately what the problem was and knew how to fix it.
Over the past five months with a mixture of massage therapy, bespoke training programmes and a lot of encouragement she has targeted and corrected multiple problems and has vastly improved my physical fitness and health. I am now running 12 miles pain free and have entered the Wilmslow half marathon... a mere dream six months ago!
She continually monitors and records change making progress clearly measurable. Her method of training is highly motivating and sessions are always very rewarding. I would strongly recommend Katie to anyone in need of rehabilitation or who is serious about self improvement."

~Nigel Whittle, Macclesfield

“I have been training with Katie for over a year whilst I am waiting for a total hip replacement operation. My treating surgeon has advised that, given that I’m only 40, I have to put it off for as long as possible. Katie has devised sessions aimed at strengthening the muscles and structures supporting my hip joint. The training has increased my strength and helped me retain as much flexibility as possible, which has maximized my already limited walking distance. It has also helped me lose a little weight, which has further eased my joint pain. I am confident that I will be in the best shape possible when I undergo my operation. I also hope to recover from the surgery and get back to work faster as a result of being fit. 

Katie is knowledgeable and sensible, listens to feed back, is pleasant and reliable. She has always been flexible to accommodate my changing professional commitments and, given some notice, will always try to re-arrange sessions if asked.”  

~Abigail Holt, Manchester

“I decided to have personal training after struggling to get back in shape after the birth of my second child and I have to say that it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am thoroughly enjoying my training sessions and I am losing weight in a safe and sustainable way and receiving sound nutritional advice. 
Katie makes each workout challenging, creative and enjoyable. She is a great motivator constantly encouraging me to push beyond my perceived limits to get results, correcting my form, giving alternative exercises, explaining how muscles work, and why each exercise is used.
Katie’s experience and knowledge regarding health, fitness and nutrition is first class and I appreciate all that she has done for me so far as I strive to achieve my fitness goals.” 

~Justine Williams, Cheshire

“I have recently had a major orthopaedic operation involving the total replacement of both knees. In preparation for this, I took up the training services of Re-activ8, for three to four months prior to the operation, and for around six months through the recovery period following the operation. 
The programme involved a supervised and targeted exercise regime designed to strengthen the leg muscles, which is essential to enable a full recovery from total knee replacement. The programme also included supervised and assisted stretching exercises and targeted massage. This was supplemented by a special diet throughout the pre and post operation period. The diet included special organic health food supplements, vitamin, mineral and enzyme supplements, plus a detoxification regime. 
The results have been nothing less than astonishing. The benefits were clearly apparent from the speed and the quality of my recovery immediately following the operation, and in the speed of rehabilitation since. Six months after the knee replacement I am able to conduct a full range of activities including swimming, cycling, bowling, normal day-to-day activities and walking good distances with confidence and strength. 
On the basis of my experience, I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Re-activ8 for high quality targeted coaching services and advice.”

~Terry Norman, Wilmslow

"I suffered multiple strokes, which left me paralysed down my left side, and as a result I gained a lot of weight. Since training with Katie I have lost 28lbs of fat and have greatly improved mobility and confidence. The sessions are always varied so that I don’t get bored, I have a lot of fun with the boxing and I am getting stronger all the time." 

~Mr. Anil Ghelani, Didsbury

 “I've always been large and after having my daughter I had lots of baby weight to loose, but I was very self conscious and felt I needed a trainer I could be 100% comfortable with. When I first met Katie I couldn't even lift my legs off the floor, now I’m stronger, fitter, healthier, 2 stone lighter and counting and have found muscles I didn't even know existed! Because Katie listens to what you want and need, it means you actually achieve the results you want and need. She really has made an amazing positive impact on my life. I have a first class trainer but have also gained a new friend. I don't know what I’d do without her.” 

~Mandy Whittaker, Altrincham

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