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In today’s increasingly health-conscious society, wellness programmes and initiatives have become a standard part of many companies’ operations. Studies have overwhelmingly shown that there is a high correlation between healthy staff and workplace productivity, and as a result, more and more businesses are prioritising the establishment of a wellness-oriented culture that promotes both physical and mental health among their employees.

Since 2006 I have been providing Corporate Wellbeing Services to companies throughout the UK.


Corporate health screenings

Health Screenings

A 25-minute healthy staff screening for each employee includes:

Individuals will receive their results on a detailed report card, along with information sheets and expert guidance for improving specific health concerns. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to discuss their results  and have any questions answered.

Workshops & Webinars

Healthy staff workshops covering a range of wellbeing topics can be delivered either in person at your premises or online. 

Workplace Posture Workshops

On-Site Workshops

Breathwork Class

Breathwork Class

Connecting with the breath is a powerful tool for calming the mind, managing stress, and creating clarity. This 30-minute session will help your employees refocus on their most important tasks.

Posture exercises for healthy staff

Desk-based Exercise Class

This gentle 30-minute exercise session is designed to be done in the workplace. Simple stretching and strengthening exercises will help your employees to feel better and perform better at work.

Exercises for healthy staff

Posture Awareness

Back pain due to poor posture can result in many lost work days. This 30-minute awareness session will help your staff to understand and improve their posture.

Online Services

Nutrition Webinar for healthy staff

Nutrition Webinar

Proper nutrition has a significant impact on our physical and mental performance. Our webinar on nutrition will empower your employees to make informed choices, allowing them to remain focused and productive throughout the workday.

Online breathwork class

Breathwork Class

Effective stress management is crucial to succeeding in any work environment. With this 30-minute session, your team will discover how the art of connecting with your breath can create a sense of clarity that not only reduces stress but enhances productivity.

Healthy staff exercise webinar

Movement Webinar

Movement of energy through the body can greatly enhance your employees’ physical and mental performance. This webinar offers expert insights on how your staff can incorporate more movement in their routines, resulting in increased energy and productivity.

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