Do you have an injury?

With over 20 years experience in a clinical sports therapy practice, I know that the most important part of the injury rehabilitation process takes place outside of the clinic. Even if you’ve seen a physio, osteopath, chiropractor, or sports therapist and received manual treatment, you will still need an injury rehabilitation programme if you want to restore full function and prevent future problems.

I specialise in the rehabilitation of lower back pain, including disc prolapses, and sciatica. Additionally, I have a wealth of experience in treating injuries throughout the body.

My high quality corrective exercise programmes, tailored to your specific needs, will teach your body how to correct itself, promote more efficient healing, prevent injury re-occurrence, and reduce the financial burden of regular clinic visits.

Injury Assessment

Injury rehabilitation assessment

Your 45-minute online assessment will be conducted via Zoom, where I will take a thorough history of your injury, its onset and symptoms.

I will observe you perform biomechanical and strength tests, and assess your mobility and any postural discrepancies. with the aim to identify all possible factors that may have contributed to your pain.

Finally, I will design your personal injury rehabilitation programme, which you will be able to access on your digital devices.  Your programme will include videos of all your rehabilitation exercises to make sure you know exactly how to do them and a calendar so that you know exactly when to do them and when to progress.


45 Minutes

£ 65
  • Injury History
  • Physical Assessment
  • Personalised Programme

Injury Rehabilitation

Exercises for injury rehabilitation

I recommend at least one follow-up session 7-10 days after your initial assessment to tweak your programme if necessary, check that you’re still clear on what you should be doing, and ensure your exercise technique is good.

Your exercise programme has to intensify over time to ensure that your body gets back to full strength. That’s why I set clear targets for you to hit and update your programme during your review sessions. What we work towards and what targets we set will take your own goals into account.

Most clients find that it works well to space their follow-up sessions at two-weekly intervals, but it will all depend on your progress.

Follow-up Sessions

30 Minutes

£ 45
  • Correct Technique
  • Programme Review
  • Exercise Progression
Only choose this option if you have already had your assessment.

Injury Prehabilitation

Injury prevention programmes

I’ve found that most people need a minimum of five follow-up sessions to make a good recovery, so you can purchase the assessments and follow-ups together as a package.

During your follow-up sessions, I will ensure that you are performing all of your exercises with the correct technique and progress them as necessary.

Prevention is better than cure, so, I’m not just interested in helping you get over your current injury, I also want to make sure that you avoid getting injured again in the future. 

You will have the option to continue to work with me  to ensure that future problems are prevented.

Full Package

Assessment + 5 Sessions

£ 260
  • Optimal Recovery Plan
  • Personalised Progression
  • Future Injury Prevention
Save £30

Other Rehab Options

If you have a persistent long term injury or something that keeps flaring up, it may be that we need to look deeper into the cause of your pain.

In these circumstances I highly recommend a whole health approach to your rehabilitation programme which would be best served by working individually with me to Create Health by looking beyond just exercise to address other lifestyle factors that could be contributing to your pain.

Create health and happiness

Generic Programmes

Self study online courses

Working with me on an individual basis will give you the highest level of support throughout your rehab journey. However, I also provide generic injury rehabilitation programmes for many different common injuries.

Find out more about which injury rehab programmes I offer in the courses section.

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