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My online courses will help you to reduce stress, improve mobility and overcome long-term health conditions once and for all.

With stretching routines, breathwork classes, injury rehab, and whole health restoration programmes to choose from, let me guide you to restoring natural wellbeing so that you can live a pain-free, stress-free life.







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Holistic Health Coaching

Whether you're struggling with a long-term health condition such as Anxiety, Arthritis, Diabetes, or Skin problems, or you want to achieve optimal health and your ideal weight this is the path for you.

Injury Rehabilitation

Have you got an acute bad back, Sciatica, Knee pain or a Sports injury? Let's rehab you with a progressive corrective exercise programme to get you pain-free and prevent future problems.

Workplace Wellness

Keep your workforce healthy, happy and productive with health screenings and short workshops on a variety of lifestyle topics including Nutrition, Posture and Stress Management.

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With over 20 years of experience coaching people from all walks of life to improve their health, I’m here to help you!

Katie De-Mouilpied

Having worked in various roles within the fitness industry since 1996, I formed Re-activ8 in the spring of 2004.  My life-long passion for sport and the numerous injuries that I experienced meant that this was a vocation; I wanted to be able to help other people who found themselves in similar situations.

Re-activ8 has grown as I’ve grown; it’s a testament to my own health and happiness journey.

Healthy, Happy People

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of people to restore the health and happiness we all deserve.