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Kre8 Health

Created by bringing together all that I’ve learned over the years from working with hundreds of clients and from my own journey, Kre8 health is my most comprehensive coaching programme.

This course will empower you to make your own optimal choices, and create health for yourself. 

You will learn about yourself in order to effectively help yourself to experience the optimal health and happiness you deserve. You will become an active participant in your own life – the creator of your own story.

Kre8 Health is 3 Phase Journey

Phase One (3 months)


You begin by learning about the foundations of health and creating new healthy habits

Phase One (3 months)

Phase Two (3-4 months)


You integrate and personalise your new healthy habits into your daily life 

Phase Two (3-4 months)

Phase Three (3 months minimum)


You elevate your consciousness, and experience life from a higher level of awareness

Phase Three (3 months minimum)


Unsure where to start? The journey starts with self discovery. We will initiate your change by establishing where you are, where you want to go and importantly ‘why’ you want to go there.

You will find out who you truly are and delve deep into your thoughts, feelings, emotions, behaviours, and desires, to identify any barriers to creating change and to create a clear vision of your ideal self.
We will begin to lay solid foundations for your health by establishing your core values, and restoring your gut function. You will learn about your breathing, thinking, eating, drinking, moving, and resting practices and how they affect your health.


Continuing towards the 6-month mark, we will integrate what you’ve learned about the foundations of health to create new healthy habits in your life and begin to focus on fine-tuning your diet specific to your individual biochemistry, so that your body and brain have the optimal nutritional input to allow you to achieve your desired goals.

We will progress through specific corrective exercise programmes to improve your posture and allow you to function optimally in all physical tasks that you encounter whether they are work, home or sports related.


In the final phase of your transformation we will re-assess your health status and continue to fine-tune your diet and exercise programmes.

We will focus on inner transformation techniques such as meditation, breathwork, journaling, muscle testing and soul connecting; you will learn how to hear your own deeper inner wisdom.
You will know yourself more intimately, create more time for yourself, have ample energy, and live by your own values.

You can Create Health with me in one of 3 ways

1-2-1 Coaching

Working with me on an individual basis will give you the highest level of support throughout your journey. We will meet in-person or online once a week to keep you on track. All exercise programmes will be designed for your unique individual needs.

Individual holistic health coaching for injury rehabilitation

Group Coaching

In a small supportive group you can complete the course with others and meet with me once a week on Zoom to maintain focus and get your questions answered. Exercise programmes will be generic.

Self Study

You can choose to complete the course material on your own at your own pace and get support in our private Facebook group. Exercise programmes will be generic.

Self study online courses
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