Healthy Bodies Are Created In The Kitchen

Many people come to me wanting to know which form of exercise is most effective for fat-loss, and the answer they get isn't always what they want to hear. 

"You can't out-train a bad diet!"

From my experience of coaching hundreds of people over the last 25 years and from addressing my own health challenges I can honestly say that the best way to achieve your healthiest body and mind is to following a holistic coaching programme which looks not only at exercise and nutrition but also at deeper aspects of what it means to be human.  Having said that, many people just want an exercise routine or help with their food choices.

If you're just wanting to get some good nutrition advice then my Focus on Food service is here for you.

I will assign you questionnaires in your members area of my website to determine your current eating habits and establish any potential food intolerances that you might have.  You will complete an online food diary for 10 days and then book your 60-minute Nutrition Coaching appointment.

During your coaching session we will discuss your individual metabolism. I will explain where you might be going wrong with your current eating habits and make suggestions that will enable you to make better food choices. I will then send you your personalised recommended foods list and a nutrition plan to improve your gut function. 

The ultimate goal is not to follow a strict diet or somebody else's nutrition plan, but for you to develop your own intuition in regard to food so that you learn how to listen to your body and make the right food choices for your individual needs.