I can be your coach no matter where you are in the world!

Online coaching really is a revolution in the wellness industry.  I'm able to work with you as a client in ways that have not been available until now.

 Working with me and my online systems will get you great results.

 As an online client you will have your own secure page on my website. You will have access to my calendar to be able to request online coaching sessions, receive messages from me, ask me questions, and receive all the support you would have had from me in person.

Your questionnaires can all be completed digitally on your phone, tablet or laptop and any resources that I assign to you can be downloaded to your device. You can complete your food diary online and receive your nutrition plans there too.

Exercise Programmes that I write for you will be available for you to view online, complete with video clips, descriptions, and printable summaries that you can take into the gym. You will be able to record your workouts and view reports of your progress. 

Online coaching is the future: The future is NOW!

Drop me a line to start coaching online!