My Name Is Katie

I'm Your Holistic Health Coach
Re-activ8 isn't just my work; it's my life, the embodiment of my life story.

I was a council estate kid, born and raised in Burnage, Manchester. My two passions in life, like most of the people I know from my childhood were music and sport. 

We were tough kids; we played on the streets and made our own entertainment from nothing. I was a typical 'tomboy', always kicking about with the lads, climbing trees, and dancing to the latest cool tunes coming from the 'Madchester' scene. My dad was a boxer in the army; by the age of 5 I had my own boxing gloves and gum shield!

I was a sensitive, emotional, shy, anxious girl, with a tough outer shell.

In my teenage years and into my 20's I competed in track & field events and played football, firstly for Manchester United and then in later years I signed for Manchester City. 

Now, in my 40's I still play football at a reasonable level in The North West Women's Regional Football League.

I developed a passion for travel in my mid 20's, I love to explore new places and meet new people. The big kid in me enjoys getting lost and finding my own way, it satisfies my sense of adventure. 

I've met people from all over the world and realised that as different as our experiences may be we are essentially all the same. Diversity and our unique perspectives fascinate me; I love to hear people's stories!

In my early 30's, despite being physically strong and as health conscious as ever I started to get sick. I had joint pains, skin problems, digestive issues, allergic reactions and a myriad of other health complaints which saw me making regular hospital visits. My liver readings were all over the place and my white blood cells were sky high. My immune system was in overdrive and attacking my own cells!

It was during this time that I met Paul Chek. I was being taught by Paul at his institute in California when he explained to me how my emotional stress was manifesting as physical problems. I had experienced a lot of loss and grief in a relatively short period of time, I was 'burnt-out'.  

My own life experiences were starting to manifest in pain, physical pain that hadn't been caused by injury but had developed due to an accumulation of stress that the tough kid in me didn't want to acknowledge. Paul's insight ultimately transformed my life and the philosophy of my business.

I got worse before I got better, being reluctant for a long time to really delve into what makes me tick. Doctors suggested that my symptoms could have been due to Lymphoma, Tuberculosis, and even HIV! The testing procedures and worry did nothing but increase my stress levels. Thankfully, all of those tests were negative, and deep down I knew that I had to address the underlying causes of the symptoms that my body was showing.

I began my journey to heal and truly understand myself, a path that I'm still on as an inquisitive life-long learner. 

I eventually regained my health without the use of medications or surgeries by balancing myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I knew then, that a whole health approach was the only real way to help people to achieve optimal health. 

I now use my academic knowledge and the wisdom gained from my experiences to empower my clients to lead their own healthier, happier lives.

In August 2008, I was one of only 3 coaches worldwide, selected to work with international athletes at the Beijing Olympics.