Reactivate Your Body Mind

Re-activ8 Your Life!

My Mission

To empower you to take your health into your own hands, to make choices that restore the health and happiness you deserve.

A Labour of Love

Having worked in various roles within the fitness industry since 1996, I formed Re-activ8 in the spring of 2004.

In the early days, Re-activ8 was a Personal Training and Sports Therapy company; I started out as a ‘body mechanic’ just looking at physical components and trying to fix them.  Then, in 2007 I realised, through my own experiences, how physical health is greatly affected by our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and as a result Re-activ8 evolved into the Holistic Health Coaching business that it is today. 

Re-activ8 has grown as I’ve grown; It’s a testament to my own health and happiness journey.

You Deserve Health & Happiness!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  If you have a long-term health condition you don’t have to live with it, my Holistic Health Coaching  will help you to regain optimal health, have more energy and enjoy a pain-free life, without popping pills to suppress your symptoms.

Ready to get to the root cause of your health issues so that you can rediscover the feeling of freedom that comes from being naturally healthy?

I’m here to help you to take your power back!


You Create Your Reality

Whether it’s Anxiety, Arthritis, Back pain, Diabetes, Digestive issues, Skin problems or any number of other chronic health conditions, the cure lies in addressing the underlying cause and creating health.

By uncovering the root cause of your condition and laying solid foundations of health you will take your life into your own hands. You will regain your natural vitality, have confidence in your body,  and be able to enjoy the pain-free life that you deserve, without resorting to fad diets, excessive exercise or health destroying medications.

My holistic, person-centred approach gets to the root cause of your pain so that you can truly achieve long-term solutions to overcome your health issues.

What is Holistic Health Coaching?

Holistic Means 'Whole'

The word ‘Holistic’ is often misinterpreted and people think it means all manner of ‘new age’ therapies, but the truth is that Holistic just means ‘Whole’. Holistic health coaching means that we look at you as a whole person, at all aspects of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life and how each aspect affects you as a whole being.

Health really isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be, there are six basic foundations which when balanced in our daily lives result in us being healthy:







Over 90% of all diseases are caused by our lifestyle choices yet we focus our attention on individual symptoms and resort to complicated medical procedures and medicines rather than going back to the basics of what caused the problem in the first place.  By giving your body the right conditions in terms of how you think, breathe, eat, drink, move and sleep it will be able to reverse your health issues naturally.

If we go back to the foundations we can create health instead of fighting disease.


You Are Not Your Symptoms

You are a physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual human being. Each is a piece in the puzzle that makes you and they all affect your overall health. Your symptoms are just your body telling you that you are out of balance, they are there to teach you that something in your life needs to change.

You Are Unique

Rather than just treating your symptoms I coach you as the unique individual that you are.  I don’t treat the disease but rather coach the person who is experiencing the dis-ease. If I just give you a short-term quick fix you’ll have to keep coming back, instead, I want to empower you to take your health and happiness into your own hands, to understand the power that you have to affect your own life, so that you don’t need me anymore.


During your journey to whole health, you will get to know your 4 doctors. These doctors are personally yours, they will give you the greatest health advice and guide you to write your own pill-free prescriptions.

What’s happiness to you? Working with this doctor will allow you to make your own decisions rather than the ones society has prescribed for you.

Are you wearing “Busy” like a badge of honour? Dr Quiet will help you to balance and restore your energy levels with some much needed quiet time and introspection.

Do you keep trying different diets? This doctor will help you to feel how your food affects you so that you can choose the foods that are nourishing for you.

Does exercise feel like a chore? If so you should consult with Dr Movement to find the type of exercise that’s the right fit for you.